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About & Rules


1.     Dress Code: Tennis clothing only. Bathing suits, jeans, cutoffs, jogging shoes or bare feet are not acceptable. No tank tops. Shirts must be worn.
2.     No food or drink (other than water) will be permitted on the courts.
3.     Court time is limited to 90 minutes, if other players are waiting. This includes singles and doubles.
4.     Court reservations may be made once a week in advance. Sunday at 12:00 noon begins the new week for reservations.  A second court for the same day can only be reserved after the first reservation time is over.  Reservations are made by phone or in person at the Red House.
5.       A 15-minute grace period is permitted for late arrivals, however, court time is not extended past 90 minutes, unless no one is waiting. The Director of Tennis always has the use of the courts, except during special events or otherwise noted.
7.     All memberships include tennis privileges without additional fees.
8.     Guests:
        a.     All guests must be in the presence of a member. 
        b.     ​Guests may not play over three (3) times a season, with a member.
        c.     Guests pay Guest Fees ($15 per person, per day) 

For a full listing of Tennis & Picklebal Rules and Fees, please click here.