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Golf Course Policies

1.    Members who introduce guests or who have obtained guest cards for their guests shall be held responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests while on Club property and shall be further held liable for the prompt and full discharge of any house accounts that such guests may incur.

2.    Guests for golf privileges must:
   a.     Be sponsored by a stock member with whom they are playing.
   b.     Be sponsored by a club member and stay in our hotel facilities. (Member's presence not required)
   c.     Be a member of a reciprocal club and stay in our hotel facilities.

3.    Reciprocal play on the golf course will be limited to those reciprocal club members who are using the hotel facilities of our Club. No walk-ons will be allowed with the exception of the following Pacific Northwest and Inland Empire club members, who will be allowed to play on our course without staying in the hotel. 

4.    Guests for golf privileges (other limitations):
   a.    A permanent record of guest play will be maintained in the Golf Shop.
   b.    Non-resident and resident guests may be permitted golfing privileges for three (3) 18-hole rounds in any calendar year.
   c.    Resident house guests are allowed seven (7) golf times per calendar year. They must play in the company of the sponsoring member.
   d.    Sponsoring member's adult children and their spouse, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren are allowed seven (7) golf times per calendar year.    
   e.    They must play in the company of the parent (sponsoring member).
   f.    Play in the Men's Member-Guest, Ford Dealers Tournament, or the Ladies' Member-Guest does not count against the above. Any other general play does count. The Board of Directors may also waive the restrictions described above to participants in certain other Club sponsored tournaments and special events.
   g.    Reciprocal play will be granted with clubs that have a current agreement on file. There will be no exceptions.

The clubhouse dress code has become more casual in response to member desires for a less formal, more comfortable dining experience. The overriding concept is to allow a casual atmosphere but one where the dress code reflects good taste and common sense to the membership as a whole.

 It is a recognized challenge that individual members define “casual, common sense attire” differently.  When in doubt, members and guests are encouraged to take the more conservative approach with attire.

Caps and visors are not allowed in the main dining room. Tasteful denim is acceptable. Members are responsible for adhering to the dress code and should ensure child and guest compliance as well.  

Management and on-duty staff will enforce the clubhouse dress code. At no time shall a member confront another member over dress code issues. Those not dressed appropriately may be asked to retire to another part of the facility or may be denied service. Repeat violators may have club privileges suspended. 

All golfers are expected to wear clothing designed primarily for golf. The general rule is smart, casual clothing that is appropriate to the occasion, time of day and time of year. 

Shoes must be worn at all times on the golf course. Golf shoes with metal spikes shall not be allowed on the golf course. Non-golf sportswear such as tee shirts, bathing suits, and workout/fitness attire are not allowed. 

When in doubt as to what is appropriate, apparel should be tasteful and conservative - similar to the types of clothing available in the HLCC Golf Shop.